If you have engaged a PPR Paralegal and you are unhappy with the service you have received, you should follow the process below:

    1. In the first instance you should complain direct to the Paralegal.  If he or she fails to settler your complaint to your satisfaction you should complain to the Paralegals membership body.
    2. The PPR Paralegal must be a member of one of our Recognised Bodies below:
    3. www.theiop.org

      NALP Grievance Procedure and Disciplinary Rules




    4. If you have exhausted the Recognised Body’s complaints procedure and you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may complain to the PPR using the Complaints Procedure below:
    5. Complaints Procedure
      Complaints Form CL1
      Complaints Form CL2

      If the Paralegal is a ‘Registered’ Paralegal you should use Complaints Form CL1.  The PPR can hear complaints about a ‘Registered’ Paralegal regarding conduct only.

      If the Paralegal is a ‘Regulated Paralegal’ (i.e. holds a Practising Certificate) then you should use Complaints Form CL2.  The PPR can hear complaints about a ‘Regulated’ Paralegal concerning conduct and the legal services provided.

      Click on the pictures below to view the complaint procedure

      Registered Paralegals

      Registered Paralegals

      Regulated Paralegals

      Regulated Paralegals