You can identify a Paralegal’s status by searching by name, location, areas of law, tier and whether the Paralegal is Registered or fully Regulated.

The PPR defines Paralegals into four tiers, so that they can be clearly identified by their qualifications, knowledge and valued for the professionals that they are.

Paralegals on our register may be offering services as a freelancer, their own paralegal practice, company or can be employed by firms, companies, legal advice centres and many other forms.
Professional Paralegals, who are on the Register, are a member of one of our Recognised Bodies and must abide to their Code of Conduct.  They are also regulated by the PPR in terms of their professional conduct.   Registered Paralegals can be identified by the following badge:

Only Paralegal Practitioners who hold a Paralegal Practising Certificate (PPC) are fully regulated to offer work to the public, companies, and local authorities.  Professional Paralegal Practitioners are experts in their field and will have the highest standard of service. 

Professional Paralegal Practitioners can be identified by the following badge: